Malic Amalya
Bolex Study #1: A Call and Response with Warhol's Blow Job
16mm b/w reversal, silent
2.5 minutes, 2008

a film by Malic Amalya

Andy Warhol's 1964 film Blow Job is a 35 minute shot of a man's head and shoulders as, the title suggests, he receives a blow job. Confined to the Bolex's spring-wound clockwork motor and a 100ft roll of film, Bolex Study #1 supplies the missing half of Warhol's film.

Festivals and Exhibitions:
Threat Level; Chicago, IL: 06/08
The Cockpit; Seattle, WA: 10/08
Yale University: 02/09
Trans.ient; Valencia, CA: 03/11
ATA; San Francisco, CA: 05/12