Malic Amalya
No. 12: Magnetic Resonance
digital video
5.5 minutes, 2015

In collaboration with Nathan Hill

In psychoanalytic theory, a dream of a fallen tooth represents fears of castration. In Magnetic Resonance, a cicada falls to its death and New Wave musician Clint Ruin falls to the feet of Marc Almond. A tooth stands in for a brain tumor and the naked legs and tucked bodies of filmmakers Malic Amalya and Nathan Hill, on a sheet-less mattress, stand in for Almond and Ruin's performance on stage. Queer, "castrated" bodies become conduits of pull, attraction, and magnetism.

Screenings and Exhibitions:

Crossraods; San Francisco, CA: 2016
Queen Vernacular; Bellingham, WA: 2016
CCA; San Francisco, CA: 2016
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