Malic Amalya
No. 7: Like Looking into the Sun
digital video
2 minutes, 2014

when rubber bands stretch around wrists and graphite scrapes across paper; when crossing Winooski Avenue and driving by industrial flues on cold nights.

Festivals and Exhibitions
& Loop de Loop &; Oakland, CA: 02/13
Cinethesia; Carbondale, IL: 03/13
Crossroads; San Francisco, CA: 04/13
ATA; San Francisco, CA: 05/13
Not Enough PDX; Portland, OR: 10/13
Crossroads; San Francisco: 04/14
The Piranha Shop; Seattle, WA: 06/14
Center for Sex & Culture; San Francisco: 06/14
The Nightingale; Chicago, IL: 06/14
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