Malic Amalya
Gold Moon, Sharp Arrow
16mm with optical sound
12 minutes, 2012

in collaboration with Max Garnet

Against a backdrop of electrocution, dominance, and scientific precision, wasps nest in an abandoned refrigerator, eyelashes flutter, curtains blow in open windows, and queers congregate. Adapting Stanley Milgram's 1963 experiment on obedience to authority, Gold Moon, Sharp Arrow explores how queer communities reenact, resist, and respond to assimilation, coercion, and trauma.

Best Experimental Film; Northwest Filmmakers' Festival: 2012

Festivals and Exhibitions
IDA; Dowelltown, TN: 05/12
National Queer Arts Festival; SF, CA: 06/12
TransMissions; Seattle, WA: 08/12
Space 1026; Philadelphia, PA: 08/12
Femme Conference; Baltimore, MD: 08/12
Not Enough PDX; Portland, OR: 09/12
Gender Reel; Philadelphia, PA: 09/12
Radically Gay; New York, NY: 09/12
Local Sightings; Seattle, WA: 10/12
Trans Film Festival; SF, CA: 11/12
Northwest Filmmakers; Portland, OR: 11/12
MIX NYC; New York, NY: 11/12
Queer Fruits Film Festival; Australia: 12/12
Cinethesia; Carbondale, IL: 03/13
Crossroads; San Francisco, CA: 04/13
Onion City; Chicago, IL: 09/13
High Concept Laboratories; Chicago, IL: 05/14
The Nightingale; Chicago, IL: 06/14
Poor Farm; Little Wolf, WI : 08/14
Microlights; Milwaukee, WI: 02/15
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