Malic Amalya
Eddie, Pam, Gary, Sue
16mm color with optical sound
4 minutes, 2007

a film by Malic Amalya
with Dorothy Fenwick

Eddie, Pam, Gary, Sue is a filmic study in semiotics and family relationships. Set in the filmmaker’s studio in Chicago and in his grandmother’s home in Vermont, this experimental film explores the deterioration and production of signifiers through time and across generations.

Festivals and Exhibitions:
TIE Cinema Exhibition; Montreal, QX: 11/07
Flaming Film Festival; Minneapolis, MN: 11/07
Around the Coyote; Chicago, IL: 12/07
Gallery 400; Chicago, IL: 04/08
Transsomatechnics; Vancouver, CA: 05/08
Threat Level; Chicago, IL: 06/08
Couch Fest; Seattle, WA: 09/08
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