Malic Amalya
Drifting (still #4)
16mm, silent
18 minutes, 2010
to be screened with live music performing a lullaby for Americana

a film by Malic Amalya,
made with the generous support of the Northwest Film Forum

Drifting is both an homage to and a polemic on nostalgia for Americana. Shot on an optical printer, Drifting re-photographs frames from 8mm home movies that would have otherwise been thrown out due to broken sprocket holes, melded frames, light leaks, and jittering frame lines. By exposing the photographic anomalies of film, Drifting allows viewers to savor the patterns of light and the physicality of the media, while also asking them to consider how framing impacts their experience and understanding of images.

Festivals and Exhibitions:
TIE; Milwaukee, WI: 10/10
Local Sightings, NWFF; Seattle, WA: 10/10
Olympia Film Festival; Olympia, WA: 11/10
Jack Straw Productions; Seattle, WA: 01/11
Strange Beauty; Durham, NC: 02/11
SFMOMA; San Francisco, CA: 05/11

with Live Sountracks by:
Jac Nelson / Black Tail Dear
Jon Berhens
Isaac Sherman
Felix Obelix
Matt Davignon
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