Malic Amalya
Intimate Immensities: Program 5
CROSSROADS 2014 Film Festival
Victoria Theater, San Francisco
Saturday, April 5th at 3pm

"My Heart, Overreaches" (2013) by Malic Amalya; "Difficult Loves" (2013) by Paul Clipson; "With Pluses and Minuses" (2013) by Mike Stoltz; "Chroma" (2012) by Jeremy Moss; "PULL/DRIFT" (2013) by Margaret Rorison; "Short" (2013) by Robert Todd; "California Picture Book" (2013) by Zach Iannazzi; "Lezuo" (2013) by Giuseppe Boccassini; "Jane’s Birthday" (2013) by Christine Lucy Latimer; "That Dizzying Crest" (2013) by Jeremy Moss.
Summer 2014
Transgressive Transmissions: The Art of Lo-Fi & High Horror
Video Production Course, taught by Malic Amalya
Public Education--San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI)
Registration begins April 1st
SF Bay Guardian honors Malic with the
25th Guardian Outstanding Local Discovery Award for Film
Read the article here.
Friday, February 14, 2014: 2:30-5:00pm
College Art Association 102nd Annual Conference
Session: Women, War, & Industry
Chair: Amy Galpin, Curator, Cornell Fine Arts Museum
"Did You Like That? Intersections of Desire, Torture, & Anti-Queer Violence: A Reading of Zackary Drucker's Experimental Video Lost Lake" by Malic Amalya
Hilton Chicago, Lobby Level, Continental C
Friday, February 14, 2014: 10am-12pm
Tracers Takes on Feminism: Conversations about Queerness
panel discussion with Malic Amalya, NIC Kay, Silvia Malagrino, Frederick Moffet, Amina Ross, Daviel Shy, & Jillian Soto. Moderated by Latham Zearfoss
threewalls: Chicago
2013 MOTHA Art Awards
Museum of Transgender History and Art awards Malic with
Unrecognized Artist of the Year, Hermit
Festival Trailer by Malic Amalya
MIX NYC: November 12 - 17, 2013
Interview with Micael Hollins